World of Darkness: New York City
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[BREAKING NEWS] Silkhole in Albany

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[BREAKING NEWS] Silkhole in Albany Empty [BREAKING NEWS] Silkhole in Albany

Post  Malakiel on Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:13 pm

Breaking News
Tonight in Albany, an enormous hole, 60 feet wide and 30 stories deep, opened up in the middle of Albany City, swallowing a three-story building, a home, and local reports claimed that one man was killed when the building was swallowed.

Generally, sinkholes are caused by underground rivers or stores of water which erode bedrock and cause the ground above to collapse and as such its sinkholes open extraordinarily quickly, leaving little time for escape. Most geologists are chalking the new sinkhole’s opening up to an earthquake of 3.0 in the richter scale felt minutes before with epicenter in Albany. At least one specialist thinks the sinkhole may have been caused by broken underground pipes gushing water underneath the building, and NYPWD officials are rushing to find the pipe, stop the leak, and fill in the hole, or else risk the hole widening. But getting construction crews to fill in a hole this large could take several months.

With the risk of other sinkholes opening in the city “high,” according to National Geographic, Mayor Álvaro Arzú may have his hands (if not his sinkholes) full for awhile.
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