New awakening (Hunter)

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Post  Malakiel on Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:55 pm

Hunter pushed himself from the bottom of the pool, the pressure on his ears and eyes was brutal as he went at high speed through the liquid water. The first sensation was like someone pushing his eyes into the skull while his tympans were crushed under the water pressure.

By the time he got up he was half blind and half deaf, feeling the cold air around him as he gets out of the water and back in to the bottom. Confused and scared by the mixed sensations of pain and dizziness he gets down to the point of jumping again and suddenly a snap sound enables his hearing again and the pain on his eyes stops immediately. Even more surprisingly he was already healed, ready to jump again.

and again... and again... until he got all the disks to the other side with another record.

Gasping at the other side of the pool, ready for the next mission but still dizzy. His world was rounding and rounding could not even get his head thinking straight... due to the unbalance Hunter falls on his knees and holds his weight on the palms of his hands, nausea... pukes... nausea... unconciousness.

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