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Seeds of Destruction

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Seeds of Destruction Empty Seeds of Destruction

Post  Malakiel on Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:32 pm

William Randolph got aware of the Gangrel situation after the Council when Benjamin Hart himself called him to his office to discuss the best way to undermine the Gangrel control upstate. They got to the conclussion that this new decision from the infamous Prince Bright was very dangerous to their plans, for instance they idea of Valentine leading the Ventrue was the messianic position he needed to overthrown the Primogeniture in his favor.

Further more Bright was placing his top stars in the game: Valentine and Valery were the upstate owners of the upstate Domain with their Chess Club and Victoria was summon to be in charge of the Sabbat girl that turned to be a Ventrue. At least according to Tremere gossips from last nights events against the raid.

If that Ventrue, daughter of the Hell Song resulted an assets in the Gangrel-Valentine alliance their fate would be sealed and the Clan would favor Valentine as the new Primogen. They needed to do something, William had one of his Childe in the Chess Club a courtesy the Chess Master couldn't refuse to the Seneschal, Adam Brick. They agreed to make a move and create an opportunity for them.

Adam recommended to create a compulsion for one of Victoria's ghoul to insult the Gangrel Elder, Hell Song. It had to be subtle and befriend with the Antitribu to capitalize on the opening once the disagreement was done. It wasn't easy but Adam was confident to acomplish it.

Benjaming said to Randolph.
"We have a potential alliance with the Tremere against the Gangrel for the upstate control William. Helena is as offended as we are to be forced into obeying the Clan of Beasts. As I said to them I'd allow to explore more extreme options to get everything back in order.

What I didn't say was about my conversation with Marcus embassador. We can plan an ambush to ridicule the Gangrel and with enough Seeds we will harvest their destruction."

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