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Combat power point system

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Combat power point system Empty Combat power point system

Post  Malakiel on Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:24 pm

World of Darkness Combat Handbook or the "Ass-kicking" handbook as some calls it. Created a new variety of combat moves for every supernatural creature in oWoD. There are some specific moves like Do or Kailindo that only certain supertural creatures should access, other moves are generic and open to any character in this game.

This handbook includes a new system called Power Points it may seem complex but its very simple indeed and very useful for fighter characters. The basics are that each combat trait such as: Athletics, Brawl and Dodge, gives you two points, that you can spend in moves using that trait, which are listed in the manuever description.

Some manuevers also have another manuevers as requirements, those are usually basic manuevers like "jump", "sprint" and "throw" that have no cost whatsoever. So every character have access to these moves. Other manuevers are not basic and therefore they are meant to be purchased before you can access more advance ones.

Modificators: each manuever can have up to three modificators Precision, Damage and Initiative. Each is added to the attack dice pool, damage dice pool and initiative roll, respectively. As an adition to any other dice you are suppoused to have like Wits, Dexterity or Strength.

Combat power point system Stvtmb10

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