World of Darkness: New York City
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Practice visit *Samantha*

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Practice visit *Samantha* Empty Practice visit *Samantha*

Post  Malakiel on Wed Sep 05, 2018 1:51 pm

Thomas nods and goes out of the room and back in a matter of a minute or so. Samantha finished her breakfast with some tea and honey, going to prepare for her tour in town and went downstairs to wait for the driver to open the door for her. It was strange how quickly she got used to all these.

The driver salute her politely and after closing the door he warned Mrs. Elliot that there will be traffic to enter Manhattan but in a matter of one or two hours they would be arriving to Langone Health Center, the trip was indeed tedious, long traffic lines, traffic lights just taking too long. The only thing she was happy about is that the thick armor of the vehicle also blocked the annoying noise from outside as well as heat and humidity compensated by the excellent air acconditioner.

For her suprise she went to a different hospital than the one she was being take care in a week ago. Actually in a different part of the city and felt strange to her. She actually saw as they passed by a building just like it.

The Langone Health Center was as modern and as expensive as it can get. The private practice building was ten floors tall and had over a thousand consultories in it with at least ten times that much medics of several specialities.

Practice visit *Samantha* Nyu-langone-tisch-hospital-main-entrance

Her consultory was in the eight floor it said in low relief carven in templated glass Dr. Samantha Wilson, M.D. It was big the waiting room had about ten chairs, one reception desk with an old lady behind it, with a name tag over the table Mrs. Amelia Winters. This was a woman over her fiftees, well dressed, hair and nails well done as well and a very polite attitude. Inside was noone, a paper sticked to the glassdoor said "Holidays" and she was just doing some paper work. When Sam finally entered the woman screamed in joy "Mrs. Elliot! Welcome!"

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