Blood bonds (explained)

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Blood bonds (explained) Empty Blood bonds (explained)

Post  Malakiel on Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:29 pm

As stated in the Vampire the Masquerade handbook: when a creature, supernatural or not, drinks a vampire's blood an emotional conexion is stablish that favors the kindred at all times. This link is more than just a projection or an emotional manipulation, it actually connects the drinker with the Kindred regardless of the distance, as many powers, including thaumaturgy and disciplines show.

The amount of blood required depends strongly on the kindred's generation. For example, weak blooded vampires need more blood, at least a quarter of a pint of vitae to bond a mortal and cannot blood bond strong supernatural beings; 15h generation kindreds can't even blood bond at all.

For the rest of the kindred follow this chart:

Neonates13-10tenth of a pint of blood
Ancillae9-7a drop of blood
Elders6-5traces of blood
Ancients4-3smell of blood
Founders2presence of blood

For the blood to make effect the drinker must be fed in different nights. Each time the drinker takes another taste of the kindred's vitae the connection and control of the vampire grows stronger.

First drink: After the first sip of blood, the thrall begins to develop strong feelings for the regnant, whether love or hate, though they are still free to act as they choose. Those in a one-drink bond may unconsciously seek out the regnant, seemingly accidentally running into them on a frequent basis.

Second drink: After the second sip, the regnant becomes a very important person to the thrall, who may go out of their way to seek the regnant's attention or please them. It becomes difficult for the thrall to do anything that would harm the regnant, and the regnant likewise finds it easier to convince the thrall of things. Though the thrall's craving for the regnant's blood increases, they still retain their free-will.

Third drink: After the third sip, the blood bond is complete. The thrall is now subject to the regnant completely and loves them as much as they are capable of loving anyone. The regnant is the most important person in the thrall's life and takes priority over all else; sufficiently weak-willed individuals will commit any act the regnant asks of them. Furthermore, the regnant may command the thrall with Dominate via voice alone. It may still be possible for the thrall to act against the regnant, but only temporarily and after an extreme effort of will.

The strength of the blood bond is not influenced by the generation of the vampire, but continual drinks do reinforce it. The bond will become weaker over time if the thrall does not drink from the regnant's blood and does not see them for a long time. However, due to the very nature of the bond, such avoidance may be extremely difficult for the thrall. The blood bond can be broken by the death of the regnant, however, the effect on the thrall is variable: some feel relieved or even joyful; others experience pain and desolation; others yet fear their independence and look for a new bond. A few may even kill themselves.


Any creature developes certain powers after the first drink, that will be permanent once the third and last drink is given. Until then if the drinker is embraced or if the blood bond fades that power is forever lost.

Once the drinker becomes a thrall other disciplines are available, to a maximum level depending on the generation of the domitor. Any kindred of the 7th generation or lower can enthrall ghouls to access disciplines above level one, by one level for each generation below 8th.

The powers are:
Potence level one
Soak lethal damage
Immortality (doesn't age)
Frenzy (base difficulty is 10 less the current number of vampire points the ghoul has in its system)

Blood bonds (explained) Stvtmb10

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