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Post  Malakiel on Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:26 am

This concept is vaguely explained in the Vampire the masquerade: storyteller handbook, chaper two. The describe an optional basic system for storyteller's adaption to their chronicles based on some ideas of how it might work, in general. Yes, that vague...

Put in black and white, secodary abilities are specialized abilities, an alternative to general abilities like Brawl or Athletics are replaced by Boxing or Climbing, respectively. This of course has its pros and cons but is a very innovative way to flavour your character. In this category are 'Lores' as shown in the Vampire the masquerade: sabbat guide and camarilla guide. Knowledge so specific like Kindred Lore is more narrow than just Occult and therefore cheaper to buy and upgrade with XP if you were going to role about Kindreds anyway.

Obtaining a new secondary abilities can be fun. The adaption to this chronicle (not a house rule) stands as follows:

  • All secondary abilities are derived from a Primary ability. That ability must have at least level three as a requirement for having secondary abilities associated with it.
  • The following table explains the benefits from secondary abilities:

    LevelDices addedDificulty reduction

  • Experience cost for obtaining a new secondary abilities is 2 XP
  • Experience cost for increasing secondary abilities is Raiting x1

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