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Post  Malakiel on Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:45 pm

Experience Points are more about the player interaction with the world than Experience for the character itself, however the most accurate vision includes both parts. There are several ways to reward a character in game, many of which will satisfied the player as well, however Experience Points are a direct Out of Game Reward that's only visible for the Player and never to the character.

All different game books in World of Darkness reward in the same fashion, stablishing categories that the Player must fullfil in order to be rewarded with the amount assign to that category, what varies in some cases are the definition of these categories, therefore in this Game we will use the same system, defining the categories for all players to know what is the expectancy regarding their role inside of the game and assigning a set amount of Experience to each category defined in this way.

Each of these categories are based in the Vampire: The Masquerade Handbook including some personal interpretation, adaptation to the forum enviroment and extension of their concepts. Without more words, the categories are:

Automatic: according to the posting rules a player that have assisted to a Game Night, posting in average one post per night will be rewarded.
Role-Play: playing a role means carrying actions with affinity with a predesigned concept that we call character. All persons and character are meant to evolve during the roleplay, however that should be a process therefore have some consistency to the character personality (Nature and Demeanor) and way of life. A player carrying actions within the roleplay limits of this archetypes will be rewarded with experience points.
Up to 2
Learning Curve: all characters learn many useful pieces of knowledge during the game, some can be represented in ability points or disciplines, for example, but many others have a trascendant meaning to the character existence, allowing him or her to improve, to have a better existence because of that learning. Any player that can give a convincing insight about the character transformation or evolution based on an unlife changing experience will be rewarded with experience points.
Up to 2
Concept: this is also a roleplaying based category. The character concept represents in a few words what are the character's intentions toward the world, in some cases this means a job or a career, in others an objetive that describes the character goals, whatever be the case a Player having his character roleplay in order to fullfil it's concept will be rewarded with a experience point.
Danger/Heroism: near death experiences, or at least dangerous enough to represent a serious peril that would possibly destroy the character will be reward with one experience points, if this happends selfishly in order to save another character intentionally the reward will be doubled
up to 2

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