World of Darkness: New York City
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The devil always collects his debts (SPOILER)

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The devil always collects his debts (SPOILER) Empty The devil always collects his debts (SPOILER)

Post  Malakiel on Thu Nov 29, 2018 9:29 pm

Lord Benjamin Hart, William Randolph and Gregory Ellison were on their limousine to the Ivory Tower when suddenly the limo-phone rang. It was strange to receive news so urgent so the Seneschal picked up inmediately. The ghoul on the phone was calling from William's office to pass the news about the harbor events.

Randolph had no blood pressure to become pale but indeed he was shocked by the news. He turned to the Primogen and said. "My Lord, the police is fighting the delivery. Adam called the NYPD is radio broadcasting all units to assist in the shooting. The Scourge is already on his way to the site."

Hart had to focus all his will to avoid frenzy. This was a disaster, first the Chess Club's defeat and now this. Surely that PENTEX wouldn't tolerate this kind of failure. His mind raced with the probabilities and possibilities ahead, no one could escape the board, not even him but he had to try.

Hart clutched his fist and smited the backdoor arm in rage.

Gregory said.
"My Lord, what are we going to do?"

William was well aware of the consequences, he had seen it before. PENTEX would not rest until Hart was permanently retired from the operation. By now, the Director must be aware of the situation and his rage will not be delayed to reached them tonight. He sat comfortably, knowing that his fate was sealed, along with that of his Mentor and everyone associated with him.

Hart ordered the driver to leave the City inmediately, he will not showed at home or any of his known Havens he had to go North, per haps to Connecticut. There he had another stronghold, this one wasn't related to his accounts or any of his properties, there the Board will failed to find him.

The limousine was driving at high speed leaving the city, when suddenly night became day. The kindreds had no idea of what was happening, the grass was green around them, animals where peacefully leaving in the great forest where before were the suburbs of NYC. The car was moving with difficulty now that the paviment had dissapaired and was just a rural road with a lot of irregularities, when suddenly it crashed.

The three Elders stayed in the armoured vehicle knowing that not even a missile could destroy this level five blindage but they were wrong, just took one claw to rip the roof open like a dog's food can. Over the car, was a werewolf in her battle form, dress like a dominatrix, full with black spandex and with serveral underskin piercings and few others showing out side hanging from certain parts of her body.

The powerful light from the sky shined on the kindreds but didn't destroy them, after a short glance they noticed it was not the sun but the moon shinning with a supernatural potency. While the Rötschreck took over the kindreds the werewolf smiled showing her carved fangs to the group, just enjoyning the terror on their faces.

The devil always collects his debts (SPOILER) Stvtmb10

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