World of Darkness: New York City
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High Council meeting (SPOILER)

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High Council meeting (SPOILER) Empty High Council meeting (SPOILER)

Post  Malakiel on Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:09 am

After the Grand Convocation was finished the Pontifiex summoned the High Regents Lord Lucien de Maupassant and Lord Aleister Crowley to a private Chamber to discuss more sensitive matters. There Lord Ephraim was laying inside a cage laying in the seeming of a dog jumping on two legs agressively looking to attack the new commers.

The portal closed behind the three Tremere Elders whom looked down on the Imp, pitting him from such horrid fate and cursing the one who had done this to their brother. Helena said.
"The curse of animalism. Inside the Camarilla only Nosferatu and Gangrel master such discipline and we need their help to lift the curse from our Lord and all those fallen to thy curse. I'll make such request in the next Primogen meeting in three nights.

For the moment I want to share with you an important and confidential information. Jonas, my willworker servant went to the location and scanned the threads of time to look into the past, they have found the identity of the responsable for such attack."

The two Lords were surprised by such statement, specially after the Convocation was over and she blantantly hided this from the entire Clan, including them. None of them said nothing allowing the Pontifiex space to elaborate and she said.

"The Clan must not know about this, we have no proof other than my word and all evidence contradicts what I could present before the Prince. Also the consequences of making this public would start a war that will expouse our hiden Chantries, our unapproved embraces, ghouls and other objectable affairs. A war that we can't win at this point but we must turn the tides to our favour."

She made a pause before continuing.

"I'm certain that Primogen Astor is responsable of this attack. He has untapped the power of nature forces and made a pact with such spirits. He has at least that power or even more than we yet understand."

Lord Lucien and Aleister looked into each other surprised by the information. The were cautious to answer, assesting the possible outcomes of a way against the Tremere, their priviledge intelligence empowered by powerful rituals allowed them to have a keen vision of possible scenarios.

After a minute or so Lucien asked.
"Is there an enemy up north Madam?"

Aleister was the one to answer.
"My Lord three Omens of total obliteration comming to us from the North have manifested: remember the first with the arrival of the lupines, they came from the north and have their main base in Vancouver; the second was the breach in the Gangrel Gate and the infiltration of the Sabbat also from the North and the third is the motorcycle raid that happened just a few nights ago.

We must not ignore the ressonance of this events undermining our power and position, we have already lost the Chantry of Albany which would be already standing if I Lord Ephraim had agreed to work against our enemies and now that was his fate."

Lucien nodded and Helena said.

"My Lords we will have time for revenge but our clan must face the perils that grow every night. Last Night Justicar Petrodon came to the City to fight against the Ananasi and release his clan from captivity. Our Prince agreed to let him bore a hole in the Corona Park to reach the Nosferatu from that tunnel.

Jonas the Fortune Teller has told me this is a Trapp the tunnel will unleash a terror hidding beneath the City. There's much going on around us, many hidden powers threaten us and we have proven to be unprepared. It is time to use our Magic to defend the City..."

The Primogen was interrupted by a supernatural sound that was even audible and loud enough to shake the crystal decoration in the room. Lord Ephraim cowed at the back of his cage in total silence. Suddenly a Portal opened in the middle of the room and a kindred emerged wearing a robe with all the correct symbols from the Council of Seven, protected by many spells swirling and sparking around him.

The first to bend the knee was Madam Blavatski, followed by the High Regents that felt the power of the blood bound forbiding them to attack the intruder.

Helena said
"My High Lord Etrius!"

The High Lord of the Council of Seven said.
"My Children, stand up. My presence here will be brief and need not the formalities.

Lord Ephraim was a fool to fear the strength of the Gangrel instead of using it in behave of our Clan we have seen all and by my decree he is no longer Lord of this Clan and shall remain as a Beast for a year and a day.

Pontifiex be warned the behavior of your subordinates is also your responsability. The Chantry shall be rebuilt as a memoir and all the arcane objects stolen by the Gangrel shall be retrieved or else.

The Cathayans are waiting for the monstruosity to arise and we shall assist them in its demise. Warn the Prince of these omens and make sure the battle is conteined from mortal eyes.

Madam Blavatski, no more mistake will be tolerated. Our indulgence is over, make sure our mercy is not wasted on you."

The Archmage disapaired leaving behind a papir rolled paper with the demotion decree against Lord Ephraim and the sensation of electrified air filling the room.

High Council meeting (SPOILER) Stvtmb10

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