World of Darkness: New York City
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Post  Malakiel on Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:22 pm

Petrodon Justicar of Nosferatu Clan was in the city looking for a way to access the underground Nosferatu facility where they are being kept by the Ananasi or spiders shapeshifters. After looking around in the sewer for a way in with his team of Alastors found no access to the underground domain or any tip in the ShreckNet 2.0 to lock down was complete even in the cyber space.

One of his Alastors found one clue in the computer system, well hidden inside the Clan files. A map of the surface with the exact location of the facility under the Corona Park but no clue of the path to get there by the sewers. Petrodon thought at first to walk down the sewers to find a way in, now that he had the exact location but in his strategic thinking these path surely was full with traps and the Ananasi were fearsome foes and very intelligent creatures.

He decided for a different approach, to drill a vertical tunnel from the surface to this place. He started to make the calls and Prince Bright agreed to support the procedure and allowed Petrodon to use all Nosferatu construction assets to their advantage. At this point being handled by the nosferatu human ghouls. Sadly and machiavelically the Ananasi also destroyed the remaining kindreds of Clan Nosferatu cutting all lose ends to avoid being interrupted down there.

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