World of Darkness: New York City
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Prince to the Battle

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Prince to the Battle Empty Prince to the Battle

Post  Malakiel on Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:54 pm

Prince Bright summoned again the Primogen Council in the Queen's Gangrel underground facility. Originally this compound was meant for the Nosferatu to play a part in the city defense but the clan decided to stay away from the Prince's agenda and partake in a minimum into the city's politics. This wasn't exactly well received by the rest of the Primogen, specially by Midnight the Brujah Primogen who accused Featherstonhaugh The Nosferatu Primogen of treason or cowardice for his refusal to defend the city.

Other like the Gangrel said they shouldn't have a territory at all considering they weren't in a position to defend even their assigned Borough but of course this was only half truth as the Nosferatu really controlled the entire underground of New York, except for the small Giovanni catacombs in Manhattan. Hence, in George Featherstonhaugh's mind, their territory didn't depend on the Prince good will but in their muscle and cappabilities to hold it. At that point Primogen Nosferatu wasn't miss in the regular Council gatherings as another insubordination from their part.

Bright was secretly happy for this opportunity, still was one he should be careful not to be blown in his face. The Primogen Nosferatu could be even blood hunted for risking his entire clan with this rebelious attitude of his. Petrodon would hear about this if he isn't aware already but in any case the destructive leadership that George showed by driving his clan to it's demise was enough to undermine the Clan's influence and therefore force an intervention of the Circle to aid the city.

Almost at midnight Petrodon and his Childe and Anchor Cock Robin showed in the facility accompanied with part of the Gangrel security, including Victor one of the most trusted liutenants of the Mistress. The Nosferatu was impressed by finding the entire Primogen Council standing in front of him along their Prince, certainly a dangerous place and yet they'd risk themselves to show their loyalty.

It was customary for a Justicar to bring a gift when visiting a city in this fashion. Knowing how much Prince Bright loved diamonds and gemstones he ordered to forget a damascus long sword with a gold handle with several incrustations to give in this occasion, after all their were going to war.

Petrodon bowed before the Prince and ordered Robin to deliver the object to the Seneschal then he said in his customary mediterranean accent.
"Prince Michael Bright, Lord of New York, Strategoi of thy Ventrue Blood and Chess Master.

I Alonso Cristo Petrodon de Seville, Nosferatu Justicar cometh to thy domain by order of the Council of the Camarilla to serveth and safe mine kindreds from starving and destruction cast by our enemies handeth."

Bright with the same formal protocol answered.
"As Prince of the New York domain I accept thy holp to serveth and protect the kindreds of Nosferatu from destruction cast by the invaders.

Here, in official city council I require your aid and advice to bring the Nosferatu out of their sepulcre, a tomb of their own design as they recluded voluntarely in such domain hidden from the Princehood and it's members by Primogen George Featherstonhaugh and then imprison by these alien spider-shapeshifters."

Petrodon understood perfectly the weight of such accusation from the Prince but also it was unacceptable that such mistake endangered the entire Nosferatu Clan in this Domain. Feather-shaw should be punished for this.
"Is there anyone who knows about this facility location?"

Michael answered.
"Gangrel Clan rescued a Nosferatu kindred from his captivity in a cocoon inside the sewers. He agreed to trust such information in his Prince and by your request I shall say that his address is related to the modifications that Clan Nosferatu did and the tunnels they created over the years but we do know that lays below the sewer level at some point under the Corona Park in Queens.

The Justicar and his Anchors can count with our resources and help to show you the location and the Princedom will wait in the Ivory Tower for your advice."

Petrodon bowed again and said.
"Thank you for your cooperation your Majesty. With your permission we will withdraw inmediately to start our investigation."

Michael gave his blessing and Petrodon left with the same escort he got in the first place.

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