World of Darkness: New York City
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Post  Star on Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:35 am

Like a Star @ heaven Sniper Rifle MSSR: semiautomatic 5.56 caliber ammo (5 shots) effective range 600 meters
Base dificulty: 6
Precision telescopic aim: cumulative -2 difficulty at the begining each round of aiming (max -4)
Damage: 5-7 (ammo type dependant)
Cadency: 1 shot per round.

Like a Star @ heaven 2x 9mm browning semiautomatic pistol (12+1 shots)
Base dificulty: 6
Precision: none
Damage: 4-5 (ammo type dependant)
Cadency: 3 shots per round

Like a Star @ heaven Dragon skin bodyarmor: cover chest, back, both flanks and hips. +3 armor, dexterity penalty: -0

Like a Star @ heaven Tactical uniform +2 stealth dice when hiding in urban night enviroments. half during the day.


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