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Board Meeting preparations (Spoiler) Empty Board Meeting preparations (Spoiler)

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The Gerusia is the highest level of politics in vampires' society inside New York City. The Board as modern Ventrue calls it, gathers at least once per month in regular basis but special ocasions, such as the final death of the Ventrue Primogen oftenly calls for an Extraordinary meeting. That's the case tonight.

Benjamin Hart was not just another kindred, he was an Ephore a member of the Ephorate, one of the few vampires that lead the destiny of the Clan as a whole in a world wide scale. So, the fact he was involved in a dark alliance with PENTEX the shadow corporation that dwells behind the curtains of known powerful corporations, such as Endron and O'tolley's, was to say the least a breach in the Ventrue Clan as a worldwide threat, that also meses with the Camarilla.

With him several Revenant Families of the Clan were involved, such as the Ellison, Churchill and Rockefeller. Which have been the most respected families in the american continent and per haps in the civilized world. Their name was now also tainted with Benjamin's betrayal, depending on the severity of the accusations being brought to the Table tonight many of them could lose their rights as Protegees of Clan Ventrue and that would be a catastrophy.

While the proper arrangement were being made each of the most influential kindreds of the City were called by their respectives significant ones. Not their couples or anything romantic but their superiors, those that have leverage over them, pressuring to enforce a damage control of the things happening in the City. One among those kindreds was Jan Pieterszoon, a very influential kindred that had control over most part of the US finantial system, specially in New York City but also a man that prefered to avoid the boring politics and gossips, leaning to his cold numbers and statistics.

This time however it was different, the Speaker of the Ephorate, Natalya Svyatoslav was on the phone. Jan was an stoic kindred that did not show any weakness during their conversation but he felt crushed in his heart by the power bestowed on the Speaker tonight. Her message was clear: clean Benjamin's mess.

Jan didn't argue, just acknowledged and obeyed, knowing that any hessitation would have meant the raze of everything he had worked for in over two hundred years in the United States. After he hang the phone, went straight to Michael's office. There the Prince seemed to be expecting him, since he was received right away.

Bright offered a sit to Jan, an old friend to say the least and he went at the other side of his desk to sit as well, waiting for his guest to start speaking up.

Pieterszoon said after the proper protocol and introduction.
"My Prince there's been a sudden change of events that have give the corage to stand up as candidate to the Primogen position. I was hoping you'd vouch my request and the Knights of the Blood Oath as well."

Michael Bright was a wise man and also a very well connected one. He also received the Ephorate call and to some extent he had agreed to vouch Pieterszoon's postulation but there was a trick under his sleeve, after all the Clan was obviously corrupted to the bone and 'solving the Hart situation' felt more like throwing it under the carpet. He said.
"Ephore and Praetor Jan Pieterszoon, childe of Hardestat the Younger, member of the Directorate. I salute your corage and congratulate you for standing up as a candidate.

However, there are several conditions to my support for your postulation..."

Pieterszoon suddenly became alert after Bright's last words. In this world of darkness those puppets cutting their strings were oftenly releaved of their heads at the first sign of opposition. Michael was playing a dangerous game.

The Prince continued.
"The Corruption of PENTEX undermines the autorithy of several Ephores that are openly working with many of the subsidiaries of the conglomerate. This city have been witness of a man recommended by the Ephorate itself to be Primogen that resulted in a traitor to everything the Clan stands for. I will not commit the same mistake again.


We have known each other for quite a long time now and I called you to help me rebuilt this City because your an honourable man, ready to do what he must for the best of his Clan but just men can be used as pawn in the devil's game and I think that you and I are been tempted to fall into that scheme and I'm ready to refuse but are you?"

Undeniably the Prince had a point but this could also be a trap or a test, either way Jan just kept silent and listened knowing that Michael had not finished his explanation.

Michael continued.
"My first condition is for you to swear liance to the Knight of the Blood Oath and secondly that Lord Valentine shall be your Whip.

Can you agree to that?"

The Prince knew how strong was an oath of Pieterszoon, he had always prefered to be neutral and belonged to the Imperium just to honour his Sire. Breaking that Oath in favor of the Knights was a clear message to the Ephorate: a declaration of rebellion, defiance of the status quo.

At first he thought of the pros and cons of Bright's propousal but there was a splinter in his head that didn't abandoned him. Something was bothering him deeply, was it the Prince's words about the Corruption of the Ephorate? Hart was a golden boy to many within the Directorate and now he was declared a Pariah like no one had ever vouched for him?

Pieterszoon said.
"My Prince I will not hesitate to cleanse my Clan from the hands of those dwelling into the same sins that Benjamin Hart was. The Ephorate has decided and we as Ephores were not asked or called to partake in such decision, that hurts me deeply because even my Sire is among those refusing to call me for the honour I've earned to listen and be heard in the Ephorate.

My Heart bleeds to leave my Sire's side not because I've betrayed him but it is him who has abandoned me, neglecting me what its righteously mine: The right to speak. Now I'm lost and I thank thy for receiving in the embrace of the Knights and I swear that I will serve you well for as long as God, the all mighty chooses to leave me by thou side."

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