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Post  Malakiel on Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:00 am

Vampires are always thirsty, even if they lack of a single point of blood the know, and its a present feeling in their bodies and mind that they need more blood. As they ignore this feeling and as the blood reserve continue dropping the anxiety grows.

The first stages of the thirst are mild, like an nicotine addict needing a cigarette, but as the blood reservoir drops the feeling increases to another level, more like a cocaine addict and eventually as crack or heroine addict, still there is a level of superhuman need of addiction, when the vampire blood pool is really low, the beast starts to roam.

The Beast its always present, yes, but there are times where it is more strong than others, one of these opportunities its when the thirst rises, if the blood pool goes almost empty the beast will probably take over the control to find the most near source of blood available.

The next table explains the intensity of the Thirst according to the blood pool:
Blood PoolDescription of the Thirst
7+Mild thirst. The vampire feels the need for blood, her thoughts usually go to Hunting, feeding and her body is slightly demanding for Blood. The beast is present with few interactions with the vampire.
4+Strong thirst. The feeling is almost painful like going throught the desert without water for hours, the need for blood its no longer just psychological but physical, the vampire feels a strong anxiety that can be driving some times. The urge of the beast is always present. Frenzy roll in the presence of Blood.
3 or lessExtremly thirsty. All that the vampire can think of are the instincts of the beast: survive, feed and safeness, the vampire is barely in control of himself and would probably jump in frenzy if any triggering situation come to happend. The beast its partially controlling the vampire's mood and body everything seem to be about blood. Frenzy roll with the first provocation.

High Generations: those characters in this category (11th, 12th & 13th) may reduce by 1 the raitings shown in the last table to know the intensity of their Thirst.

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