Future of kindreds (Star)

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Re: Future of kindreds (Star)

Post  Malakiel on Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:04 pm

Suddenly a voice speaks throught the intercom.
"Miss Garrison, we're almost done. In a minute we will start to drain the tank." the electronic ear pieces shuts silent.

Opening her eyes she founds the distorted image of Brian stareing at her at the other side of the glass, already dressed up. The draining of the tank is fast and her father steps back for the technicians to slide it open and help her to dry herself and stand up.

Once dressed she looks around looking for her father but he is gone.

Alice is the first to meet her after getting dressed.
"How are you feeling?"


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Re: Future of kindreds (Star)

Post  Star on Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:16 pm

Star was startled habit by the voice over the headset bring her back to reality. Star looked up and smiled back at her father from beyond the glass.

As soon as the ordeal was over Star felt amazing.
She flexed her body and was truly amazed at the healing effect of the Tub on her flesh.

How are you feeling?"
" holy cow! Doctor... I feel amazing!
I have no idea how you guys did it. I am completely in awe. God damn I'll need to remember you guys in the future if I get my ass kicked again by a werewolf.
Seriously... Thank you"

Star was very pleased and couldn't believe how good she was feeling.


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