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Post  Malakiel on Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:00 pm

With the first two missiles the worm returned definitely to the ground, leaving behind just scratchs of the AWV and the memory of the screams of those in it that were digested by the creature. The swing of battle changed, the Chess Club was actually reppeling the attack and Valentine endure the fight with the two powerful sabbat kindreds for just long enough to see the night saved.

Vermine defied all nature's order by using his obsfuscate to access the shadow realms with Matheus at his side. The ultimate route of escape via another dimension. May be the Tremere could access these strange places but being now roamed by three powerful werewolf they just let the couple exist for another night.

Just like it started the storm subsided slowly until the rain stopped fully, allowing the powerful wizards to touch the ground and the helicopters to land on the Chess Club's roof.

The fight was over...

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Post  Star on Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:10 pm

Star struggled again to stand but found she could only manage enough to take a knee.
Seeing the Gangrels was truly a god send, they arrived just in time before all hope was lost.
She took mental note of Vermin and Matheus' escape.
<oh course they would get away...>
she thought

Star's eyes fell upon the strange wizard and she couldnt quite comprehend what she was seeing...
Was he a tremere? Was he a mage?... And if he was why was he helping them....?thought these questions didn't matter. The night was saved... And she had giving it her all and survived to fight another night.


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