Night walk to the unknown (Romina)

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Post  Malakiel on Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:01 pm

Romina walks looking around in the rooftop. The place was dark, a machine room where the elevator motor used to work was a few yards away from the entrance where the stairs were. Also a huge cylindrical tank slightly rusted and worn by the time and salty air was near the center of the structure and next to it two old post with a few metal strings where someone was tending her clothes.

The city around was noisy and bright, from this excellent view she could saw some of the skyrapers downtown and many and could smell the east river not far from here.

Night walk to the unknown (Romina) - Page 2 Nyc-skyline-by-night-view-from-bronx_4y2dsudeg__F0000

After she walks near the side of the building where the emergency ladder was, looking for any evidence that might guide her in the right direction. Romina hears a sound, behind her, clenching the scapel in her poket. She turns around almost inmediately to find a desfigured face stareing back at her, its face pale almost cadaveric with a hood over his almost bald head and a sweater that almost covered it's hands full with blisters.

Night walk to the unknown (Romina) - Page 2 Nosferatu_portrait__costume__by_l0u1sa-d7yjjhw

Inmediately she swipes her clenching hand over the creature's face, the scalpel slides over it's skin without making it even flinch, much less cut through it. The monster smiles with deformed teeth and then pushes her, making her fall as he says with a short last phrase.
"The devil got you bitch!"

The fall was long, in front of Romina's eyes many thought troubled her as she fell unavodably into the ground. Her career was the last thing that matter, much more important was that she had not leave her brand in the world, not even a familiy to remember her, none that could care enough to cry for her.

As her hair was moved by the increasing breeze, her hands desperately looking for something to graps and avoid her fall, in a matter of seconds her back found the dumpster her had left down in the alley and with the powerful bump she loses conciousness.

Only darkness prevailed...

Night walk to the unknown (Romina) - Page 2 Stvtmb10

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