[SPOILER] Dueling in the House

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[SPOILER] Dueling in the House Empty [SPOILER] Dueling in the House

Post  Malakiel on Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:53 pm

Victoria von Baden went directly to Valentine's office oblivious of the ghouls attempts to ask for the proper protocol to meet the Chess Master. Her two ghouls were following her close, more scared than in a hurry without understanding the reason for her anger.

After pushing the last double sheet door open with a tail of ghouls asking her please to stop. Valentine rised his hand with an extended palm and said.
"It's ok, let them in. I'll allow it this time."

The Chess Master's ghouls bowed and retreated closing the doors letting the intruders in. Then Valentine said.
"You were lucky that Valery was commisioned somewhere else. She's not so forgiving with the intruders."

Lady Victoria didn't even replied to Valentine's fair complain about her behavior and just kneeled before him and with her the two ghouls practically threw themselves to the ground.
"My Lord I desperately need your help. Please forgive me but my request could not wait for your Bishop to come back or to schedule an appointment."

Valentine seemed surprised and changed completely his attitude.
"Very well, what's the problem?" Victoria was a problem solver, even in the most delicate situations she always prefered to act alone and come back with a solution rather than ask for an Elder intervention or help in her business. Probably was the first time he had heard V asking for help, at all.

Victoria stood up and with a hand sign forced her ghouls to stay down.
"My Prince Michael Bright order me to guide the antitribu through her Agoge, I meant to offer my help to her Sire, taking the opportunity of the interrogation being uphand. However, I was ambushed here in your Domain."

Valentine's eyes narrowed but she continued.
"This Thrall made something unwanted and inconvenient. He was compelled to do so, let me show you."

She turned to her ghoul and said.
"Frederick Gangrels are our Allies!"

The ghoul went red of fury and without permission he stood up and yelled at her.
"Those Beasts?! My lady you cannot be serious, they are lower than animals!"

Valentine was baffed for a second but suddenly he came to understand what she meant. She continued.
"Trying to protect me he insulted the Gangrel and I ultimately I was challenge to duel the antitribu. Here I come to plead for you to be my godfather."

The Ventrue Elder thought it was accurate to say she was ambushed. Someone in his territory Dominated the thrall to compell such behavior. Then he grudge failing to her, his guest in protecting her from such conspiracy. Not many vampires had motives to do it, certainly would benefit Benjamin and George but some 'neutral' Ventrues could be used as mercenaries to perform such task. Hence at least ten kindreds were suspects at this point.

He needed to talk to his security and check of the ghouls trajectory inside since their arrival to check each kindred alibi and reduce the list. Valery would eventually find the reponsable but now it was time for amends. He said.
"My Lady, Harpy of Ventrue and Praetor. The Chess Club and I have failed you and we will do everything in our power to redress our wrongs.

Secondly, you have my word and compromise as your Godfather. I'll speak to the Gangrel Elder right away to do damage control and get to an agreement. Hopefully he would allow you to be Rebecca's guide during her Agoge and accept your apology.

Now please explain me the details of the challenge..."

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