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Post  Malakiel on Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:09 pm

Brian left Rebecca in her room and followed Alfred to another not far away. He entered and turned on the light to discover Valery sitting over the bed assigned to him. He was baffed judging by the look in his face and then came with an idea and he said.
"I guess you got tired of the Princess act My Lady, or should I call you Valery?"

The Ventrue felt ackwardly amused. It's been a while since anyone called her just by her plain name, except for Valentine of course. She bited her lower lip and said.
"I guess I'm looking for something that I wasn't able to find in a long time or may be never knew at all."

Brian smiled and started to take off his shirt expousing his hairy chest and arms over a well formed abdomen earned during his ghoul days.
"I'm not the kind of men that will judge you for surrendering to your instincts. What you need is not logical, I know so let's stop talking about it, just let me show you what true pleasure feels like, Valery."

He got over her with his feral claws expoused and with a sudden movement of his hands ripping her silk and linen clothes, that she used as an armor. He then draw his fangs out and started to caress her neck with them, not quite penetrating her skin but skilled as he was letting the 'kiss' effect to go through her body. By the time he had reached her crutch she was pulling her own hair and letting her body feel the intense sensations.

Knowing anatomy as he did, she was able to follow the complex structure of the clitoris behind the skin, a complex cobweb that went shallow at various points of her body, letting his fangs penetrate and ripping pleasure screams from her. He savoured her blue blood flow out of every wound, licking it right after.

Valery felt like exploding over and over feeling her dead body screaming beyond what he could verbalize. Enough was enough, feeling the Gangrel do what he pleased with her body was eye opening to her, no longer she needed to control her insticts and she let her lust for his blood to run wild and went to imitate what he was doing to her, clumsy at first but she was a quick learner and as she fed from him the physical sensation was increased, to the point of leaving her unable to move, just overwhelmed by the sensations she could not explained.

Both kindreds were aware of the sunlight and their beast felt dragged to the orgy and their wills pushed away the slumber just by the playful smell of blood around them. They spent the day together exploring eachother's bodies until they got satiated of their lust, falling on their dry backs against the cold silk sheets around them.

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