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Roleplay stunts dice system Empty Roleplay stunts dice system

Post  Malakiel on Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:38 am

The Stunt Dice system is a low-risk way to reward players for exceptional roleplaying and creative thinking. Stunting is a 3 tier system based on how impressive, creative, and involved a particular stunt is and the rewards increase with each tier. The tiers, and their rewards are listed below.

The stunts bonus are easier to obtain when the character is in a high risk situation, it doesn't have to be survival oriented situation like a fight, per haps is a crucial meeting with the Primogen or the character really needs to get a good impression. As a thumb rule trivial situations, rutine and standard recurrent process get no stunt dice except for special circumstances, while live or death kind of situations can get up until Tier 3 bonus.

No Stunt: Just stating your action.
Exmaple: "Erik shoots."
Reward: None.

Tier 1: A player need only briefly describe his actions in order to qualify for a Tier 1 Stunt. However, stunts at this level are simplistic but not boring or repetitious. The example below may be interesting the first time, but repeating the same description multiple times is not and should not award a stunt.
Example: "Erik slowly reaches for his blaster, it's cold metal all too familiar, and draws it quickly to surprise his mark."
Reward: Gain one (1) Boost Die or Remove a Setback Die on relevant check/s

Tier 2: A Tier 2 stunt needs to be more than just a description of an action. It must incorporate details that have been previously implemented into the scene in a way that adds to the scene as a whole. Seemingly meaningless details can become a bigger part of the narrative this way.
Example: "Erik eyes the artwork on display. Remembering how obsessed his mark has been with showing off his collection, Erik asks him to tell him more about the ancient sword on display. The mark happily obliges and turns with pride walking towards the piece. Erik takes the opportunity to draw his blaster."
Reward: Gain two Boost Dice or Remove two Setback Die on relevant check/s.

Tier 3: Only the most awe-inspiring and creative descriptions are to be considered for this tier. There should be no doubt in the group's minds that the player deserves its rewards. Tier 3 stunts not only incorporate the scene but add creatively to it as well. This should not allow a player to circumvent major details/plots/layouts of scenes, or to replace the narrative uses of destiny points without sacrificing reward (see below), but may require some things, especially pre-planned details or events, to be bent at GM's discretion.
Example:  "Erik had done his research; his mark was a proud and arrogant man, but not careless. All of his prized artwork would have alarms and even the slightest shift on their stand would set the whole place into lockdown and send the security teams running. That's why he had slipped a little extra to the maintenance worker they had bribed to let them pass. They payment must have been enough for the pre-planned 'accident' because the alarms started blaring and the security doors sealed shut. The mark jumped with surprise and Erik quickly drew his blaster, he didn't have much time to finish the job while the security teams were distracted and he wasn't going to waste a second."
Reward: Gain three (3) Boost Dice or Remove three (3) Setback Die on relevant check/s.

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