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Post  Malakiel on Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:07 am

In several of my previous lectures I've written about a "Blood Dimension" a general label that requires further explaination due to its controversial nature. First of all let's clarify that in ancient times before angels came to do God's bidding there was not Dimensions at all, the very concept of death didn't exist, therefore there was not Shadow Lands and each of the three divinities backthen were each separated from the other. God was commanding his legions of angels to mold and shape reality and everything was perfect.

Variations, chaos and destruction came late after, when Cain killed his brother Abel, agains't God's will and bringing into the world new variables to consider. However, in primitive times things were not as defined as they're today. One good example is the Land of Nod, a place that Cain reached on foot in mythology but now days is a separated pocket dimension in the Shadow lands.

Before Cain there was only one cursed being, Lilith. Her desobidience to kneel before Adam's edicts and stolen knowledge from "demons", earned her exiled from Eden and cast out to a land without name where she met Cain after his got cursed by God. Meanwhile, Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge and they were also cast out from Eden and in the Land of Nod they had another son Seth, who thrive given the circumstances and that is later refered in the Book of Nod. They should probably call it the Land of the Cursed.

Therefore, Eden is a different world than the Land of Nod and just like we don't see the Doors of Heaven anywhere on Earth, there is no physical conection between those two. So there are different dimensions and these two, Eden and Nod are different from the homeland of Seth where humanity thrived and growed. Although the Book of Nod is subtle about the separation between the Land of Seth and the Land of Nod it progressively growhs until they're two different Realms.

In the Divine Comedy, Cain is referenced again by Dante Alighieri, at the bottom of what he knew as Inferno, or Hell there was a place named Cocytus where the author described:
"But now come on, for Cain is with his thorns holding the bounds of both the hemispheres, and plays upon the waves below Seville, and round already was the moon last night; thou surely must recall it, since at times, it harmed thee not, when in the dark wood’s depths.”

This book is just a vision that recognizes the presence of the all mighty vampire trapped in a different dimension. The source of all vampirism, the "Blood Dimension". However, this is not the only example of even lesser vampires becoming a dimension themselves, the notorious Malkavian Network is just another example of how vampires can be spared from human form and become a state of being rather than a person. The second example of this is Ravana and many other antedeluvians try to follow this fashion.

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