Vampire Discipline's progression

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Vampire Discipline's progression Empty Vampire Discipline's progression

Post  Malakiel on Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:29 am

First of all, what are disciplines?
As explained in previous lectures, vampire blood is a channel and also condensed metaphysical energy that mages call Tass, an energy in physical state rather than an unique substance and there are many types of energy in Tass form. By nature vampires are immortal, in metaphysical terms they have an strong Static ressonance, each Clan adds their own essence to whatever the vampire blood will finally be, attuning its vitae energy type.

As heat energy is useful to warm and not to cool things, each energy type and therefore each type of vitae is useful for an especific range of effects and not useful at all for others. This preset condition of what kind of blood a vampire has also conditions the way a Disciplined will power could bend the rules and shape reality.

Secondly, how disciplines work?
Although some vampires can "ride the wave" and use some physical disciplines, excerting their will even when their bodies are overrided by the vampire urges (The Beast). Is the human conciousness that can untap the power bestowed in the kindred's vitae in a defiled way of magick, where the vampire itself becomes the equivalent of the human Godly fragment, also called avatar.

For a vampire to access the power in the "Blood Dimension" throught its vitae requires a Disciplined awarness of itself and the nature of that power as well as the inner strength of his will to manifest any effect. The more complex and advance are the effects the vampire wants to create, the more Disciplined he most be.

The second part of this equation is Knowledge, which would be useless for a human since it lacks the mystical and metaphysical assets to perform this kind of magic. The static nature of the vampires created over the centuries many but very specific effects that pass from one generation to another, much like Hedge Magick that gets its power from the metaconcert of wills that have helped to concept a particular effect attached to a singular spell.

Vampire disciplines' effects are inheritaged from all previous generations to the next, in a particular form long before developed and reinforced by generations of vampires to its current form. Detours in that path is what vampires call Bloodlines. Also, some vampiric scholar have developed new disciplines and mixed preexistent disciplines to manifiest innovative effects. Showing the versatility of this will dependant magick.

Vampire Discipline's progression Stvtmb10

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