Body changes during the embrace

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Body changes during the embrace Empty Body changes during the embrace

Post  Malakiel on Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:27 pm

Scholars have developed many theories about retractile fangs and blood bags in vampire stomachs, blood digestive system and the list goes on and on, from alergy to sunlight and garlic among many.

First, is important to clarify that vampire bodies generally are fully renewed during the embrace, while amputated arms usually don't pop out and severe wounds or scar tend to stay is not so in all cases. The visual defects, scars, maimed limbs could totally by regenerated. The usual effect, however, is to discover you're young again, or at least appear to be younger than the human used to look like. Needless is to say that all diseases should also disapair and the vampire should look like the best version of that human's body according to his age.

Second, the inner organs of the vampire are now mummified, preserved forever. Absolutely deshidrated and reduced to their minimal in their cavities, with the solo excemption of the Heart and the rest of the circulatory system. Bone structure is reinforced as well as muscles, the skin is also perfected as a whole-body defense mechanism, making the vampire harder to kill. Other than that an X ray of a vampire wouldn't be different before and after the embrace, except for the missing traces of fractures and fissures.

Third, all the human blood will be replaced for the liquid tass or vampire's vitae. Looked in the microscope it would look like a more degradable version of the mortal's blood. Highly volatile in the presence of sunlight and easily corroded when tested by ordinary humans. It also looks more viscid and brighter, again a more intense version of the human blood.

These changes take place in different lapses, depending on the ritual intensity of the embrace. While Sabbat ritual embraces take place in a short period of time, something close to 24 hours. Camarilla's Clans tend to leave their fledglings dead for several days while its body changes.

The first effects of the embrace are soar eyes and muscles, due to the relative atrophia of having brand new adult eyes and muscles ready to use. The new vampire would take something between hours and days to fully control her new senses and muscles to the level she was used to. Vampire body and mind also improves overnight having increase strength or intelligence, having a sharper notion about their skills and so on.

Body changes during the embrace Stvtmb10

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