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Post  Malakiel on Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:54 pm

Just another day. Rebecca had not more than fifteen years old an was crying in her room for an adolescent drama regarding the prom dance. She was invited by a senior and suddenly drama bursted out of proportion, involving his ex-girl friend and resulting in he dumping Becca to go back to his ex, who he was pretty much trying to get jellous about the whole deal.

Her mom was downstairs watching TV unaware of anything. Its been years since Becca didn't tell a word about her private life to her mom, who was always too busy watching TV or disregarding everyone of her comment as quickly as she could with some cookie cutted comment from her favorite reality shows.

Brian, Rebecca's father was something else entirely. She was the responsable father who actually stayed when she knocked up his highschool sweetheart for a change. He had to resign to his full scholarship in Harvard University Physics department, abandoned his dream of becoming an Astrophysics against his parents will but for him none of that mattered, he was a father now and he wanted to give to his unborned daughter everything in his power. He had his Little Star now and was the only one he would ever need.

After his second shift he come late as usual to comfort his daughter and hear how this bastard had broken her heart. He seemed so wise, so smart about everything, always had the best advice for her. After a few minutes they were huging and Rebecca laying in her bed, looking the stars projected in her room's ceiling with astronomy posters taped to every wall.

That night Rebecca's dreams took her away to a place where everything was possible. She dream what she was going to be, how brilliant her future was going to be, she could learn about Stars and be a genious just like her dad.
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