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Vampire Humanity? Empty Vampire Humanity?

Post  Malakiel on Sun Sep 09, 2018 12:21 pm

In all previous lectures regarding the vampiric nature I have avoided to talk about the human that became a vampire in the first place. Is that human transformed into a vampire? Of course not, this human is cursed to be host of a vampire from another dimension. The human body is transformed to a middle point where he is not longer entirely human but neither is an outsider.

For some scholars vampires are still humans, cursed to be undead but is the human psique behind the decisions, in control of what the body does or not. This of course is partially true, since the reason, the logic, the conciouss decisions are taken by the Human but the insticts were entirely replaced for those of the Vampire. Humans also are part animals, taking their decisions based on the body needs and basic necesities, vampires have urges as well for blood and frenzy that determine many of the logical decisions.

Unlike humans however vampires can lose the battle and become more Beast-like as they go down the spiral of moral degeneration. Even their appearance changes to fit their monstrousity and is harder to take logical and reasonable decisions. Besides a degenerated vampire loses all empathy for others and worry only about its own urges. Finally at the botom of the spiral there is no reason or logic, just urges and madness, at that point the Human is forever gone. But, can the Human win?

Some have theorized about Golconda for generations, a mystical state of being that many idealized as being a human in full control of vampiric powers. Others less optimistic believe the vampire curse is banish and the human once again becomes mortal. Just a theory anyway since there are no registred Golconda Vampire roaming around, even within the Inconnu there are no precedents.

However, the Human can control the Beast. Making his decisions more moral and caring about others. This of course allows her to blend within the human kind and being in control of her urges makes the vampire more efficient, more efective to take just what she needs from humanity. As you can see there is a difference between being in control of one's urges and trascending spiritually to another state of being.

Cathayans, Kindreds of the East, also known as Kuei Jin walk a similar Path with their own inner struggles between the Demon they call Shadow Nature and the Human-like Conciousness they call the Hun. They also struggle a deeper conflict of being alive at all (Yang) and being dead (Yin) as these four elements spin around the fifth virtue, the willpower. These Cathayan have a significant number of succeses of enlighted vampires trascending to a state they call Nirvana.

When Saulot went to study the Cathayan mysteries he lacked the patience to learn properly the ways of the Kuei Jin and came back to Europe talking about Golconda and Paths of Enlightment that professedly allowed vampires to lift the vampire curse. However, Saulot would have required at least a couple of thousand years of study and he came back with just a few hundreds, not enough.

Much like east traditions brought to the western world today, the Path of Enlightments are pretty much any ontology study that a vampire would pursue to learn about the transcedant reality around him but in fact she isn't closer to lifting the curse than any fledgling would be. They're just excercises of the willpower to control the vampire urges and nothing more.

No Cathayan to this day had even bothered to test that theory and vampires are too busy wondering in awe inside their own lie of Path of Deception to really consider another posibility.

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