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Post  Malakiel on Fri Sep 07, 2018 6:24 pm

Does vampires sleep? In the world of darkness dreaming is a strong word that shouldn't be taken lightly, you don't believe me? ask any changeling about it.

To be able to dream at all, one self must have a conection to "The Dreaming" the collective source of all Glamour, a fancy word to define the Dream Energy. Vampires as stated in previous lectures belong to a different plane of existence, they're not beings of the Middle Earth, also known as The Reality but outsiders from another dimension, if you prefer, that control human bodies we call vampires.

If these outsiders dream or not is open to debate but the corpses they use as puppets don't. So there is no brain activity (at all) or body movement during their slumber. Those bodies simply lay there until next night falls and the influence from the outter plane is strong enough to allow them to normally control their bodies.

Of course, there are two sides of that coin: the human-like conciousness and the Beast. Fear to sunlight is a big thing for the Beast, basically the manifested outsider's instinct of survival or to some, the True Nature of the vampire. The Beast sleeps most part of the night, unless something bothers it but during the day is the most dangerous time and therefore when the Beast is most unsettled. Hence, disturbing a Vampire's rest most likely would trigger a frenzy episode inmediately.

So what does the barely animated corpse during the day? Aside from laying unmoving, certain reflexes like remembering past events and sensorial perception are common. Some vampires torture themselves with traumatic past events, others just remember typical events or random thoughts and few rejoyce in pleasant memories. Anyhow there is no conection whatsoever with The Dreaming, just a claustrophobic sensation mixed with the beast anxiaty while random thoughts go back and forth. That's all.

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