What about Diablery?

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What about Diablery? Empty What about Diablery?

Post  Malakiel on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:08 pm

Now that I made clear my opinion on vampire blood, vampire nutrition and blood as a power source. Hence that vampire blood is the conection between an outsider being or vampire soul and the body it is controlling from that plane of existence.

Basically, Diablery is a process where a vampire drinks to the last drop all the blood from another vampire and then starts sucking the victim's soul. That makes us wonder, how in any case can a soul be suck from another plane? The answer is very simple if Blood can walk side ways due to vampire "fangs" (not literally, duh) from the material world to the vampire soul in the "blood plane of existence" then the reverse ability is also possible.

The vampire must focus all her willpower and physical strength into diablery, breaking the link or stopping at any point will make Diablery fail. If successful the Vampire soul will be suck into the material world, leaving traces of memories, emotions and abilities into the victimizer's body, being destroyed to shreds and ravaged of its quintessence which is different to any other quitessence of any vampire, it is attuned with whatever resonance the victim had and sometimes it's still kicking soul.

This quitessence is then drawn into the "blood plane of existence" to be assimilated as any other life energy into the vampire soul present but sometimes the incoming soul is still biting and can overcome the victimizer will and overthrown its position and reclaim it to be her own.

What about Diablery? Stvtmb10

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