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Post  Malakiel on Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:01 am

I stated in previous lectures that vampire blood is liquid tass, or a liquid dross depending on your perspective. Physically it may seem blood, strange blood when looked in a microscope, almost impossible to believe and therefore it can easily degrade in the presence of banality or counter Magick. This kind of quintessence is quite resistance unlike chimerical stuff and can be manipulated by humans with no much difference from regular blood but still can degenerate if its not preserved from sleepers eyes or expoused to sunlight being extremely volatile to the second.

Much like Mages use quintessence to empower their Magick, Vampire blood weakens, at least temporarely the tapestry that defines how strong or fast a vampire body is. making it more susceptible to the vampire's will to redefine its limits. The more vitae the kindred uses more malleable is the tapestry and easier the vampire's will can bend the rules of reality and do what his trained will can. As is true for Mages molding reality takes an extreme focus and will discipline, also each vampire is attuned to certain ways of reshaping reality. That is what Vampires call Disciplines.

These similarities also made possible the creation of Clan Tremere, since Vampirism is at the end a powerful True Magick with mythological roots.

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