How is blood ingested by vampires

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How is blood ingested by vampires Empty How is blood ingested by vampires

Post  Malakiel on Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:39 am

In a previous topic I had the chance to talk about the metaphysical meaning of blood for vampires. Whom, as all mythical creatures, have no rational explaination but does that means they don't exist? Our own voices are nothing but sounds, code with a message, a pattern that can be recognized through an abstraction of the mind. Are the sounds and the messages the same thing? Of course not, you can't physcally messure a pattern, in the same sense there are many things that exists beyond the reach of our senses beyond the limits of our material existence.

Vampires as all creatures have a material self, in their case a corpse that interacts with a different plane of existence. Few examples are: La Sombra who tempter with darkness as a dimension separated from the physical reality and Malkavian the antedilluvian itself that now exists as madness whispering into his Childes minds, away from the physical form. All vampires whatsoever are entagled with a "blood dimension" a dimension of life where vampires save the energy they take from their victims. Is in this dimension where vampire souls exists and from there, outcast from the living, they suck the life out when they drink Thy Blood.

Much like any werewolf can transcend the physical form into the Umbra, Vampires make blood walk sideways into their own metaphysical dimension of existence. Draining the blood not into their bodies but into somewhere else. This energy has also a physical representation, a changelling would call it a Dross, crystallized energy or what mages call Tass, which flows through the vampire's veins waiting to be consumed or taken by another.

Vampires are monsters from another dimension that posses a very specific host, permanently, sealing their own existence to the body they reside.

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