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Post  Malakiel on Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:20 am

The Blood for vampires Abstract-red-blood-cells-isolated-on-black-background_epkmoo7px__F0007
The first topic I'd like to talk is the most important in Vampire mythology around the world, from the Chupacabras, to Chinese Jiangshi, Bram Stocker Dracula and many more: The Blood.

After all vampires are blood sucking creatures, not all forbiden to go out to the sun or banished from consecrated lands. These creatures feed from blood to survive. So how this happends, well a new video uploaded by the Gentleman in youtube made me think about its importance and wanted to bring some of what I think is the basis about this topic. The Blood.

First things first, Vampires are dead. Therefore, they don't eat or drink, their digestive system is not functioning, blood is instantly incorporated into their bodies. They don't use nutrients contained in the blood they feed from the mistical energy that occidentals call the soul and orientals Ki/Chi, basically the energy of life. Your essence metaphysically filling your body.

I'll lecture about how I think vampire's body incorporates vitae but for now I want to talk about the blood itself and whats so important about it.

Many people think that is the brain the place where the soul resides but for ancient cultures as the Egyptians and the Greeks it was the heart the center of one Self. This have some science behind it as well, since there is actually a part of the heart that holds neurons and setting a chemical influence of the brain functions depending on the emotional state. Even more, the most protected organ in the human body is the heart inside a bone cage and muscles in the chest cavity. Also completely destroying the brain not necesirely means death, while serious damage to the heart is always lethal. To proof this theory one only has to look Serpentis discipline, the Followers of Seth have learned to save their heart and survive even if the rest of their body is destroyed.

The soul is not about memories or personality is an esence and like water it takes the form of its receptacle. Then is easy to compare the Blood as the conduct for the human soul to fill our bodies. Its our shapeless self, without which no organ can survive. Therefore, Blood is equal to live itself.

As Vampires are dead the need life to continue existing, life is blood and blood is life in a metaphysical level. Although several alchemist in history have tried to literally transform blood into something else the truth esence is not something we can see or touch is embedded deep into another realm of existance.
The Blood for vampires Abstract-red-blood-cells-isolated-on-black-background_epkmoo7px__F0007

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