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Post  Malakiel on Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:48 pm

This section describes most of the combat rules adapted to a roleplay forum chronicle.

Phase I: Initiative
All characters roll their initiative 1d10+ Dexterity + Wits. The player with the least initiative describes her actions first, then the next after she, and so on to the character with the most initiative. Then the actions will be taken by that character first, then the second highest initiative and so on to the last character in initiative order.

Phase II: Actions
After all descriptions are made the each character will start to take her actions as told, in the order set by the initiative roll, that must include a detailed description of the action and a dice roll correspondent to the action intended.

Any player affected by that character's action can (if able) take a defensive action in response to the attack, at that point are compared the Success achieved by the attacker with the ones achieved by the defender, if the defender Success are at least as many as the attacker then the action is neutralized, so the defender success will be substracted from the attacker's, if at least one attacker's success remain the action is consider successful and pass to the resolution phase.

Phase III: Resolution
The attack will roll an amount of dice equal to the remaining attack successes plus the proper damage pool, the damage pool depends on the weapon and the attack type, all weapons have a damage bonus that is added to the attacker's strenght which sum results in the damage pool, on the other hand, firearms and most ranged weapons have a fixed damage bonus as a damage pool.

After the damage pool roll is made the defender character will roll its Soak or absorption roll (if able) which depends on the type of damage inflicted and the defensive gear or/and disciplines that the defender has.
Bashing damage: can be soak with Stamina (even by humans), Armor and Fortitude.
Lethal damage: can be soak with Stamina (some supernatural beings only), Armor and Fortitude.
Aggravated damage: Aggravated damage its consider as lethal damage to humans, supernatural beings can be soak with Armor (depending on the armor, most of them with half its value rounded down) and Fortitude only.

Success rolled by the defender in it's Soak roll are substracted from the attackers damage roll, all remaining success are noted in the defender's character sheet by the storyteller (ST) with the appropiate symbol, that means that the character is injured and posibly near death or destruction.

Vampires half bashing damage remaining after the soak (rounded down) into Lethal damage, nevertheless all bashing damage done to the vampire's head or its heart its considered lethal. All specially brutal lethal damage done to a vampire, such as: severed limbs (legs endure up to two health levels each, arms up to one health level each), chainsaw to the guts, chop to the neck, and so on are considered Aggravated Damage to the vampire. Lethal damage is note as "/" in the defender's sheet and Aggravated Damage as "X".

If a character takes one lethal damage point after its last (usually 7) he enters in Torpor.
If a character takes one aggravated damage after its last (and asuming that he only took aggravated damage) he reaches Final Death.
If a character has more than one type of damage, the meanest will be noted at the top of the chart (Aggravated first) and then the others in a decreasing fashion (Lethal then Bashing).
If a character with more than one type of damage recieves more damage it will be manage like this: if she receives more lethal will be noted as usual with the risk of entering in Topor, on the other hand, if she receives more aggravated damage the lethal damage will "scroll down" with the risk of entering in Torpor or Final Death if she takes all +1 aggravated damage points.

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