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Post  Malakiel on Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:33 pm

Backgrounds are traits, just that. As abilities or attributes you have some points to distribute among them and can use freebie points to increase them but some how the name is deceiveful to be just a matter earned or gained during the character background a.k.a. before the game starts.

This is only in part true, most background are just part of your past, for example Generation, others can be earn during the game as Retainers or Mentor. So what to do when a character earns an upgrade in its background traits. Well Mage The Ascension in the Experience Chapter, in the revised edition, there is a Table titled "Experience costs" in which you will find Backgrounds raiting x 3 experience cost and obtaining a new Background costs 5 XP.

This is particulary useful to capitalize your roleplay and obtain a real advantage from your background. So, what does a 'real advantage' means? Like any trait your character uses its traits to roll in different circumstances: let's say your background describes your character as a prowess in martial arts but in your character sheet you don't even buy that trait. What would happend? Another example: what if your roleplay leads your character to learn a lot of martial arts but you won't upgrade that trait at all. What then? the answer is you don't get a 'real advantage' from it.

Each background could give and will give a real advantage during the chronicle, some as dice to roll in certain circumstances others can add value to your character or 'empowering' NPC that supports it. So,  If you want to get real advantages from your backgrounds pay for them.

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