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Post  Malakiel on Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:35 pm

This is a Vampire the Masquerade 3rd edition game but also this game is part of World of Darkness and all supernatural creatures in oWoD are included in this Chronicle. Your character will interact with Kindred of the East, Werewolf waiting for the Apocalypsis, Wraith avoiding the oblivion and so on.

Also there are different rules in different games, mainly because each games learns from the mistakes of their predecessor and also due to keeping rules from changing inside each game. The result is that each game keeps its own rules within itself unless a revision is made, as it was the case with Vampire. So making a crossover is more than building a sandbox with enough coherence to have them all include but also to read and consider all handbooks in the WoD to get as much strong coherence in the rules framework as it is in the storylines.

Since not all players are familiar with the World of Darkness rules framework I will write down some important rules with references to the particular handbook I'm take it in from.

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