Movement in Combat (House rule)

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Movement in Combat (House rule) Empty Movement in Combat (House rule)

Post  Malakiel on Tue Aug 28, 2018 2:23 pm

According to Vampire The Masquerade Handbook all players can perform automatic actions like starting a car, stand up and move, among others. Some like drawing a gun usually requires a dice roll and multiple actions to be executed but Movement is a trickey one.

The rule stands that any character can walk, job or run in any given turn. To a velocity depending on which kind of movement that character did. Also character are allowed to move half of their velocity (which is?) and attack or move while his making another action losing dice from its reserve depending on the distance the character moved.

This kind of make sense, as in real combats where fighters can move and attack, not just walking or jogging but also doing acrobatics and other things like climbing walls or trees. On the other hand the system behind it confusing since simple actions like drawing a gun take a heavy dice penalty, while moving certain number of yards/meters before doing anything else doesn't affect the dice pool in the action performed by the character. Even more the rule doesn't take Celerity in consideration.

Movement system in this chronicle will be:
All character's movement will be determined by the following table:

Type of movementDexterity base**Celerity base***Dificulty modifier****
Walking2 m x raiting1 x action consumed+0
Jogging3 m x raiting2 x action consumed+1
Running4 m x raiting3 x action consumed+2
Acrobatics*3 m x raiting1 x action consumed+1
* Characters moving through problematic terrain without acrobatic do so half speed
** Dice penalties from multiple action or damage sustained by the character are applied to this number if it gets to zero that character cannot move.
*** During a regular turn any character with Celerity may consume any amount of his actions to perform a fast movement in combat.
**** Moving increases all other actions performed during that turn.

Speed is calculated with the following equation:
Speed = Dexterity base x Celerity base

Initiative and movement
Moving takes time and combat are fast action sequences where just a tiny detail can make a huge different in the out come. Therefore, for each Dexterity point required to complete the movement that character loses one point in initiative during that turn.

Movement in Combat (House rule) Stvtmb10

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