New York City the new Rome

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New York City the new Rome

Post  Malakiel on Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:59 pm

New York City is the center of the modern world as Rome would have been during the Roman Empire. People from all over the world come here for business and pleasure, making it a very diverse and the most cosmopolitan city in the world. What happens in the normal world, happens in the World of Darkness, and you can expect to find the same ethnic diversity among supernatural races as happens to the human race.
Nevertheless not all other supernatural creatures are antagonist to vampires, many work with them and can be powerful allies if you play your cards right, also they can give you artifacts and special items that vampires can use, as well as many other valuable things that could make your game more interesting than you ever thought it could be.

You can expect that most supernatural creatures you interact with are vampires, only in exceptional occasion other races of supernatural beings will appear and in even more rare cases they will become your allies, contacts or mentors. If it happens its probably a part of a bigger picture and if that creature becomes your ally it’s because of have earned it with a lot of effort.

Playing in NYC is a wonderful opportunity to know the World of Darkness as a whole and to interact with secrets long ago forgotten by even the most ancient elders. Still no one said that it will be easy or without danger. How would you know that you are entering in another supernatural creature's territory? If simple as things are starting to become weird, if someone does something inexplicable to you, it’s probably another kind of creature of the night. Those creatures will be played as their own handbook explains, many are much more powerful than vampires and more territorial than you can imagine, so beware!

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