Learning Disciplines (Knowledge is power)

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Learning Disciplines (Knowledge is power) Empty Learning Disciplines (Knowledge is power)

Post  Malakiel on Thu Aug 16, 2018 3:17 pm

Disciplines are secrets slumbering inside a vampire's blood to be untapped in a meticulous learning process and sometimes due to traumatic events.

As with epiphanies, learning a new trait in a discipline requiere well... Discipline. Just using an older trait simply isn't enough to trascend and learn what else your blood can do. This selfdiscovey process is easier with the help of a willing Elder or a Mentor. Not necesarily every vampire has what it takes to teach other to unleash the power hidden in thy Blood but according to roleplay and good rolls in the Instruction talent trait, a vampire can try to teach a Discipline that he or she owns.

To learn such knowledge a vampire must have certain qualifications, apart from having all the previous points before learning what he wants:

  1. First he or she must have tasted enought blood of someone having the lustfully desired Discipline, game wise as many points of blood as points in the new discipline trait, assuming the discipline is not of the vampire's clan for starters, otherwise skip this requirement.
  2. Secondly, enought time of training need to be spent in order to learn the Discipline (see the following chart)

Discipline levelTime
Level One.
1 Night per experience point needed.
Level Two.
2 Night per experience point needed.
Level Three.
4 Nights per experience point needed.
Level Four.
8 Nights per experience point needed.
Level Five.
16 Nights per experience point needed.

This Nights doesn't have to be consecutives and not every night is successful in terms of helping the student to embrace the secrets hidden in his blood. At the end of each night both the Mentor and the Student will roll some dice and both need to accumulate enough success as the Trait level in training:
Mentor: Charisma + Instruction, the difficulty will be 3+Trait level he/she is teaching.
Student: Perception + Awarness/Meditation/Alertness to difficulty equal to 3+Trait level.
* The ST may rise or low the difficulty depending on roleplay.

Any 10s rolled by either the Mentor or the Student will substract 1 Night from the Total to be expend training the new trait. If at any give night the student and mentor accumulate 5 dice with a value of 10 an Epiphany occurs and the training ends successfully.

Learning Disciplines (Knowledge is power) Stvtmb10

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