Human background (ST bonus)

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Human background (ST bonus) Empty Human background (ST bonus)

Post  Malakiel on Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:10 pm

New begining! New rules! cheers

When a new character is created players may choose to start as vampires with the classic 7/4/3 and 13/9/5 points among the rest of rulebook normals; or may choose to start as a human with also the standard for humans:

  • 6/4/3 in attributes and 11/7/4 in abilities
  • The Initial Virtues values is 1 and you may expend 5 points to increase them.
  • The initial willpower is equal to Courage just like vampires
  • Have 5 points to spend in backgrounds also.
  • 21 freeby-points to spend.

As a token for your effort the ST will give 10 points in your character sheet when a successful embrace occurs above anyexperience you may have earn while in. This points should reflect the player's roleplay and are meant as a prize for you.

For the Vampire only Background Generation, you may buy Mentor trait instead and exchange it after the Embrace partially or totally as you prefer, for the Generation trait. Also you may expend point to keep the Mentor trait if you want.

Take in consideration that other changes may occur to your character in this process, from lose in willpower to change on demeanor, since the embrace is usually traumatic and in some cases lethal. However this won't be because of chance or luck but as the direct result of roleplay.

Human background (ST bonus) Stvtmb10

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